Dakota REIT’s investment objective is to generate attractive income and equity  growth by investing in real estate assets across the Midwest.

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Investor Highlights

Since inception, Dakota REIT’s shareholders have experienced long-term growth with an 11.79% compounded annual rate of return, when distributions are reinvested, and received quarterly distributions with a greater than 5% annual yield. Our trustees are committed to continuing the stability and reliability of our distributions.
Dakota REIT continues to set the standard for private REITs.
We have achieved a 24 year track record of consistently providing above average distribution yields and appreciation of share value while safeguarding shareholders’ net worth during market volatility and economic cycles.


Total Return with Cash Distributions


Total Return with Distributions Reinvested
Superior Returns Over Time
Total Return
Dakota REIT
S&P 500
Return Multiple
Total Return on Investment with Distributions Reinvested
Initial Investment
Total Return on Investment with Distributions Reinvested
Initial Investment
Total Return on Investment with Distributions Reinvested
Initial Investment
Over 25 years, Dakota REIT has produced 2.3 timesthe capital appreciation of the FTSE Nareit index
and 2.7 times the S&P 500.
*The Financial Times Stock Exchange National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (FTSE NAREIT) index measures the performance of publicly traded REITs that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Financial Highlights

Dakota REIT’s founders established the culture of being patient, value-driven investors focused on acquiring stable, institutional grade, private real estate while improving cashflow through efficient operations.
Total Assets Under Management
Total Revenue (5 Year)
Investment By Market

Fargo-Moorhead  38%

Twin Cities 15%

Bismarck 13%

Sioux Falls 11%

Des Moines 7%

Omaha 6%

Aberdeen 6%

Small Market 3%

Williston 0.3%

Why Invest with Dakota REIT

We remain committed to Dakota REIT’s long-term strategy and core principles, which has driven superior investment returns for our shareholders throughout our history. The key tenets of our core principles and business strategies are:
Patient investors for over 24 years, with intent for long-term hold of our properties.
Diversified portfolio by asset type and tenant industry across growth markets in the upper Midwest.
Data & value-driven investors with an objective to underwrite the capitalization (CAP) rates of our acquisitions against expected cash flow.
Regional focus investing in growth markets and leveraging the expertise we have in our Trustees. This enables us to plan, think and act locally.
Remain a private REIT where we avoid the volatility inherent in publicly traded stocks through stable valuation.