Monthly Property Feature!

This month's property feature is Azool Retail Center! 

Highlighting one of our premier properties, Azool Retail Center, a symbol of modern design and architectural brilliance, nestled in the thriving south side of Moorhead, Minnesota. Built in 2014, the center's cutting-edge design creates an inviting atmosphere that pulls in both passersby and devoted patrons. This property isn't just visually appealing, it's functional and flourishing with a mix of anchored retail and restaurant spaces. Being located in proximity to major highways and interstates provides excellent accessibility, ensuring a steady flow of customers. Azool is more than a retail center - it's a community hub, catering to the needs of the surrounding residential and multi-family living areas. Its strategic location places it right where the growth is, capturing the essence of the area's upward momentum. From shopping to dining, Azool Retail Center is a destination that brings together the best of business and leisure. It is not just a place, but an experience that keeps customers returning. Discover the power of modern retail at Azool Retail Center, where business potential meets community spirit.