The Dakota Real Estate Investment Trust (The Dakota REIT) owns and operates commercial and multi-family residential properties throughout the upper Midwest.  Established in 1997, Dakota REIT positioned the company to be compatible with the economies and strength of the cities throughout the upper Midwest.  Our mission is to provide a consistent, respectable dividend to our investors. 

Governance is led by a Board of Trustees, most of who are highly successful, independent business people.  Their professional knowledge and insight of regional real estate markets enables us to recognize sound investment opportunities.

The advisor has a team of seasoned and dedicated managers who have built, operated, managed, and sold all types of commercial and residential real estate.  Our team researches the current markets we are in and investigates new markets on a regular basis for solid investments while working alongside the professional management teams who currently manage parts of The Dakota REIT’s portfolio.

Strategically, we work hard to offer investors a balanced, diversified portfolio positioned for solid value and long-term growth.

Declaration of Trust Document

Bylaws Document